As you enter, you’ll find a space for exhibition, sales and even presentation. The main area has an additional exhibition and sales space, a business meeting space, SCC cafe, a multi-use space, as well as a prototype development area further in the back.

Sabae is a city of craft-making and has traditionally been a major producer of eyeglasses, lacquerware, and textiles, forming many types of sense and aesthetic.

To convey the allure of this city of craft-making, we created SABAE, to create a hub to attract people from all over the world. Connecting people with the production regions, giving birth to opportunities for new values and trends.

This will inspire and provide opportunities to various other industries within Japan, paving the way to a future of sustainability for society.

Launch of Sabae Creative Community

The members of the Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry aim to create a community within the Chamber of Commerce that will support activities that are more international, more creative and more uniquely Sabae-made; the Sabae Creative Community (SCC). In the future, the SCC will not only support members in presentations and business meetings as they have up until now, but also support with the use of social media to support the work of each company as well as increase the number of younger members.

While providing an energetic jump-start to Japan’s leading Sabae-made eyewear production, and the traditional lacquerware, textile, and sake industries, we
believe our contribution will spur creativity. Top Japanese designers came together and specifically designed the furniture and lighting, creating this unique creative space. This space will foster great teamwork in meetings and work, with everything from application development to video production, and a delicious cup of coffee. I would like to take this opportunity to present the full potential of Sabae’s industry.

Sabae Creative Community
General Producer
Teruo Kurosaki